What is EnergyShader?
EnergyShader is a Color/Transparency/Displacement shader for TrueSpace.

Is there a demo available?
A demo is now available for EnergyShader.
The demo limits the range of the avaiable variables.
The transparency and displacement functions have also
been removed.
Click here to download the demo

What can I create with EnergyShader?
You can create animatable lightning, lasers, and even clouds!

What are the minimum requirements?
You must have TrueSpace 4.3 and either the Explorer or Standard version of ShaderLab,
Which is available from or as part of the ShaderPack from

Where can I purchase EnergyShader?
EnergyShader can be purchased from for $10 U.S.
Click on the image below to order.

Send an email if you would prefer to send a check rather
than ordering via Credit Card.

What does the interface look like?
Click on the image below for a larger image of the interface.

What is EnergyShader-Abomination?
To err is human. Sometimes these errors produce some interesting
results. In my attempts to improve EnergyShader, I've made
some interesting mistakes. Since these mistakes affect all
aspects of the Shader, I've decided to make these mistakes available
free of charge. Click on the images below to see what I created
with Abomination 1 & 2.
Made with Abomination 1 Made with Abomination 2
Click here to download Abomination1
Click here to download Abomination2

* Use the Tool when doing animations.
* Add a Colored light to match the Color of your Energy Effect.
* For a Flat Plane, use Auto-Facet Shading
* For a Deformed Plane, use Smooth Shading
* For lasers, use 0 amplitude
* For lightning, use some turbulence.
* Use a (Black) Filter Transparency to get rid of the black

Create Realistic Lightning without leaving Truespace! Great for Special Effects! Use a Single Flat/Deformed Plane for low Polygon count! You can use EnergyShader to make Clouds! EnergyShader can be used as a Displacement too!
Give 'em the evil eye! EnergyShader now supports fading on the U/V Coordinates! EnergyShader now supports random colors.

Animated EnergyShader Displacement of ground Example of Animated EnergyShader Color/Displacement Example of Animated EnergyShader Color Example of Animated EnergyShader Glow Example of Animated EnergyShader Transparency with a TextureMap
Another Example of Animated EnergyShader Transparency Example of Animated EnergyShader Turbulence Example of Animated Fade Color! Example of Animated Displacement Fade!


Copyright 2000 Erik Trasti

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