EclipsePack FAQ

What is EclipsePack?

  • EclipsePack is a growing number of procedural shaders for ShaderLab2 (for TrueSpace) users.

  • All new shaders I write (that I find useful) will be added to the EclipsePack
    and will be provided as a free upgrade to anyone who purchases the EclipsePack.

  • Note: EclipsePack will be provided free of charge to anyone who purchased
    EnergyShader for the origional shaderlab.

  • EclipsePack currently consists of the following shaders:
  • EnergyShader2.

  • StarShader.

  • WigglyLineShader.
  • What are the minimum requirements?
    You must have TrueSpace 4.3/5 and either the Explorer or Standard version of ShaderLab2,
    Which is available from

    Where can I purchase EclipsePack?
    EclipsePack can be purchased from Primitve Itch or for $10 U.S.
    Click on the image below to order from Primitive Itch.

    Click on the image below to order from GetSoftware.

    Send an email if you would prefer to send a check rather
    than ordering via Credit Card.


    Copyright 2000 Erik Trasti

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