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Below are links to resources for 3D objects

Models (TrueSpace) by Erik Trasti
Burning Barrel
Burning Barrel Truespace(.cob) - by Erik Trasti
fireball Truespace(.cob) - by Erik Trasti

Organic Models
Create your own Trees with L-System
simple head(.cob) control mesh for ThermoClay
Various Objects
simple head(.cob) control mesh for ThermoClay
Little 3d studio
Mitch 3D Seite
3DS format objects. Characters, plants and animals
Go to FreeLoaders section (two TS Scenes by Frank Rivera that include characters with walk cycles

Various Models
Many 3D Models in various formats
Startrek Models
Various Models
Many Models in various formats
Startrek Objects
Various Objects
B5 n Startrek Objects
3d Artists
List of links to 3D Objects
Mesh Resources
Various 3D Objects
SkyDomes 3DS format
US Army TEC 3D Model Library
models of the U.S. and Foreign military equipment in flt, obj, dwb, dxf, iv, object, s1000 and vert/poly formats.
Ed Giddings 3D Models
Startrek, Stargate, and Misc. meshes in COB format
Star Wars Modeling Association
May the Quad-Divided, Booleaned, Point Editied and Textured Force be with you...

Other Applications
Spiralizer - creates spiral objects
Genesis 3D converter
Converts cob to Genesis 3D
Create plants/flower objects

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