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EnergyShader2 FAQ

What is EnergyShader2?
EnergyShader2 is a Color/Transparency/Displacement shader for ShaderLab2/TrueSpace.

What does the interface look like?
Click on the image below for a larger image of the interface.

* Use the Tool when doing animations.
* Add a Colored light to match the Color of your Energy Effect.
* For a Flat Plane, use Auto-Facet Shading
* For a Deformed Plane, use Smooth Shading
* Use a (Black) Filter Transparency to get rid of the black

Create Realistic Lightning without leaving Truespace!Great for Special Effects!Use a Single Flat/Deformed Plane for low Polygon count!You can use EnergyShader to make Clouds! Example of a Tangent WaveBase in EnergyShader2
Give 'em the evil eye!EnergyShader now supports fading on the U/V Coordinates!EnergyShader now supports random colors.Use Energyshader2 as a transparency. WaveBases allow for a wider range of Effects in EnergyShader2.

Animated EnergyShader Displacement of groundExample of Animated EnergyShader Color/DisplacementExample of Animated EnergyShader ColorExample of Animated EnergyShader GlowExample of Animated EnergyShader Transparency with a TextureMap
Another Example of Animated EnergyShader TransparencyExample of Animated EnergyShader TurbulenceExample of Animated Fade Color!Example of Animated Displacement Fade!

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